biketrip 25 Sept to 20 Oct 1998

map of France our route map

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Rather than have one large page, I've separated our trip into 7 smaller sections. By clicking below you can go to the section of your choice.

On each page you'll find a number of small photographs. If you wish to see any of them in more detail, just click on them to make them larger.

  1. Lyon, Tarascon, Arles, Les Saintes Maries-de-la-Mer

  2. Vauvert, St. Brès, Montpellier

  3. Sète, Pézenas, Cessenon

  4. St.Pons-de-Thomières, Castres, Castelnaudary

  5. Carcassonne, Limoux, Quillan

  6. Perpignan, Béziers, Vichy

  7. Paris & Toronto


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