For those just learning about numbers?

The Bead Unbaffled - An Abacus Manual


This method of thinking works very well for many abacus operators. But it may be a method better introduced to students who already have a firm understanding of numbers; their quantities, value representation and what they mean.

Early on younger students are still learning how numbers work and how they are represented on the soroban. For example; in the beginning students are taught that adding 5 is represented by moving a heaven bead down to touch the beam. In these initial stages it may be confusing if we turn things around and teach them to think of up 8, which means adding 5 by moving a 5 bead upward.


Thanks to George Sato Better@Math~Better@Thnking for pointing this out.


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June, 2006
Totton Heffelfinger   Toronto Ontario  Canada